ACID Mitigation is the original online training school for infectious disease cleaning for professionals or anyone who wants to learn how to clean like a professional.  Established in 2020, ACID Mitigation Training Academy was designed to comply with the best practices as administered by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As the science progresses so shall we.

We work with individual students to teach or improve skills in the antimicrobial cleaning and infectious disease mitigation industry. We also work with janitorial service companies throughout the world to improve core competency and establish benchmarks for their professional proficiency.  

COVID-19 Pandemic amplified the aspect of risk aversion in the marketplace to stratospheric levels. Certification provides employers, and/or the customers they serve with certain levels of confidence - that a person knows how to provide their particular service, at established and current standards.

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In the janitorial industry, formal training is either not required or is provided by the employer, with no disclosure to the general public as to what was included or if the person actually completed any formal testing.

Our program prepares the student for a career in Infectious Disease Mitigation which has changed the game for janitorial companies. Applied microbial remediation is now a reality for every cleaning project. 

ACID Mitigation Training Academy breaks down these barriers by disclosing course content in great detail and providing third-party testing services.  Click on our Course syllabus on the menu to see the extensive list of topics included in the Infectious Disease Mitigation Course. Employers and Customers can also verify certification for free by going to Contact Us and requesting confirmation directly from ACID Mitigation Training Academy.

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

Our students learn more than just how to sanitize living spaces in the most efficient way and to the highest quality standards. Students also learn about the health and safety, and ecological side of Infectious Disease Mitigation Services.  Classes include becoming acquainted with the pathogens that cause so much suffering in our world, including the now-infamous SARS-CoV-19, the virus that causes the syndrome COVID-19. In this class myths (inaccuracies mostly from media reports) about the science of microbiology and the tools used to kill and capture pathogens are dispelled.

Covid 19

Rules of conduct and legalities for Professional Disaster Remediation Companies is part of the lesson plan.  Many professions require an ethics class as part of a certification or licensing process.  ACID Mitigation Academy includes these topics to help our students understand that transparency and accountability are key to earning and maintaining the trust of our customers and community. In the janitorial industry we have heard the saying “we don’t cut corners, we clean them”, but taking short cuts on the job when space is contaminated with infectious agents is beyond basic negligence. However, when a student comes to know the various pathogens by name and learns the details of the havoc they reap on their victims, he is more apt to understand how important his efforts really are. This may be the most important aspect of what we provide. Our clients put a great deal of trust in their janitorial companies, but if you don't teach what the risks really are and test for it, you are only hoping your cleaners do the right thing.  

Our training program is built on the real-world experience of some of the largest disaster remediation companies in business today. Our programs are developed, tested, and used every day throughout the world by leaders in the industry.

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Research and Development

As the leading educator in Infectious Disease Mitigation, we are committed to research and development.  Our curriculum will continue to evolve and expand. Science is that backbone to all of our instructions and advice.  We baseline tasks, measure performance, and look for improvements in everything we teach.  We encourage feedback from our students and corporate members.  We are constantly gathering data on Infectious Disease Mitigation from reputable sources. 

Video training will continue to expand but will never be a replacement for the written curriculum.  However, a combination of written training and video examples is a powerful combination.  


Scott Britton founded ACID Mitigation Training Academy in 2020. The online school was founded because there were no online classes to help train the cleaners for Scott’s existing residential and commercial cleaning company.

ACID Mitigation Training Academy initially opened for just Scott’s employees but is quickly growing to a worldwide provider.  Scott’s Cleaning Company Happy Cleaning with the help of the training curriculum of ACID Mitigation Academy has become a leader in the fight to reopen our economy here in Grand Rapids Michigan.  

Scott Britton is certified as an AMRT and has a long history of Disaster Mitigation has published two books and contributed numerous articles to the cleaning industry. Scott is currently involved in building a cleaning franchise of his own. His wife, Cherie Britton is a Juris Doctor and is an active member in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. 

Scott and The ACID Mitigation Training Academy is dedicated to the education of Cleaning Professionals worldwide.