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Why should I take the course?

1. First of all, you will want to do this for yourself. You have the insatiable knowledge to learn and improve your skills. Invest in yourself and your long-term career!

2. It is the new norm, and regular cleaning as we knew it won't cut it anymore. Certifications make you up-to-date.

3. Customers in the cleaning industry will want to make sure that their technicians know what they are doing. Being certified puts a customer at ease. It is a reflection of your commitment to the profession.

4. Individuals who pass the test can use this certificate to either start their own cleaning business or boost their job applications. Companies use us because through our training because they know that a certified individual is ready for employment.

Written and Video Lectures

1. Understanding Infectious Disease

2. Tools of the Trade
3. Cleaning of Touchpoints
4. Applying Disinfectants

5. Donning and Doffing PPEs
6. Mathematical Applications
7. Ethics and Contracts

8. Qualifying Exam


1. Fill the form

2. Pay the corresponding fee of $299. If you are a company, you can enroll 3 employees for the price of $299 (requires one registration only).

2. You will be able to download the files thereafter. You will receive the file via email. You can study at your own pace. The test is an open book exam.

3. You need a total of 75% (test scores combined) to be a certified ACID Mitigation Technician. If you don't meet the passing grade of 75%, you can always re-take it as much as you can until you pass, at your convenience. 

4. Examinees who pass the test will receive a digital copy of the Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Registration as a member of the ACID Mitigation Program, and badge - all for free. Hard copies are available in the US only and will be delivered for a minimal fee of $25. 

Step 1 - Registration

Get the course here 

Step 2 - Payment

Wait for the email with the link

where you can download

the course and the exam.

Step 3 - Download

For Qualified ACID Mitigation Technicians

Get a hardcopy of the credentials Bundle here

(Note: The electronic copy is free of charge)

Congratulations on passing the qualifying exam. An electronic copy of your certificate shall be emailed to you by the Registrar. On the other hand, if you want hard copies, you can order them here by clicking the PayPal button. Please contact us at acidmitigation@gmail.com after purchasing the Credentials Bundle and submit a photo for your ID.
For orders outside of the US please contact us first before placing your order.
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